Lampe Receives Achievement in Quality Award 
Brian Piper 
Following in a long tradition of achievements in quality at SSM Health Care, Mark Lampe, Manager Decision Support with SSM Integrated Health Technologies, last week was awarded the 2012 James Williamson Award for Achievement in Quality by the Excellence in Missouri Foundation. Each year the Foundation recognizes a Missouri Quality Award (MQA) volunteer who has made a significant contribution in aiding organizations to advance in their journey to performance excellence.
According to Lampe, the criteria focuses on selecting volunteers who have shown they have an established record of creating quality outcomes and quality processes.

“They’re looking not at a single year, but on a real track record of involvement,” he said. “They’re recognizing the emphasis on improving quality at both the institution they work for and the clients of the Excellence in Missouri Foundation.”
The Williamson award recipient is selected from those who serve as examiners, overseers and judges for the MQA process. This same group also makes the nominations for the award – making it a truly a peer-group award. Although Lampe has volunteered with the MQA for many years, 2012 marked his first as an overseer.
Lampe noted that the Foundation makes a habit of working hard to surprise the recipient at the awards ceremony held in Columbia, Mo. and this year was no different.
“I was telling someone afterwards – Can you tell me if everything I said up there was OK, because I have no idea what I said.”
Lampe said the one thing he does remember telling the audience is that the examiners he has worked with would be surprised to hear that he was at a loss for words.
“Because in the past I don’t think I have ever had that problem.”


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