Oklahoma Physician Practices Begin EHR Rollout 
Brian Piper 

            After eight months of planning, preparation, build and testing, on Thursday, September 1, 2011, Oklahoma physician offices went live with the Epic’s Prelude Registration, Cadence Scheduling  and Resolute Professional Billing. This launch was quickly followed on Sept. 7 by the first wave of launches introducing the clinical functions of the complete EpicCare ambulatory, electronic health record (EHR).

            All 49 physician offices began using Prelude, Cadence and Resolute on Sept. 1 and one location, St. Anthony Pulmonary Specialty Clinic, launched the complete EpicCare ambulatory system as well.

            Sept. 7 dawned with the introductory wave of clinical rollouts that brought the clinical functions of the complete EpicCare system to:

           MidTown Women’s Healthcare

           Saints Cardio Institute

           Saints Cardiovascular Care

           Saints Metro Medical Associates

           Saints Nuclear Med

           Saints Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery

           St. Anthony Vascular Associates

           St. Anthony Cardiovascular Specialists

           St. Anthony Family Medicine Center

            In addition to the HealthFirst Physician Organization clinics, the Saint Anthony Hospital’s Medical Oncology practice, Saint Anthony on Pennsylvania Outpatient Medication Management clinic and two Saint Anthony Pediatric practices went live on Epic’s integrated registration, scheduling and professional billing applications.

            “There has been remarkable collaboration and cooperation between the Oklahoma and St. Louis practice management and Project Beacon Epic teams in the debut of these new applications,” said Claudia Kaufman, Cadence/Prelude System Product Specialist. “Deborah Hudson, Administrative Director of HealthFirst Physicians Organization, has been a guiding force in bringing together Practice Directors, Subject Matter Experts, Office Managers and practice management stakeholders to ensure an efficient transition from legacy systems to Epic registration scheduling.

            The implementation of Resolute Professional Billing has the billing functionality go directly through Epic. By operating this way, the goal is to help reduce accounts receivable days, produce accurate claims, allow paperless collection processes and streamline data entry.

            With Resolute, the system sends clean, accurate claims using a variety of HIPAA - compliant transaction formats - resulting in prompt and accurate reimbursements.  

           The Project Beacon team is taking this opportunity to capture lessons-learned that might be applied to upcoming waves of EHR rollouts.

            The remaining physician practices under the SSM Health Care of Oklahoma umbrella will move to the EHR in three additional waves of rollouts that will conclude in late November of 2011. St. Anthony Hospital and Bone & Joint Hospital at St. Anthony will launch the inpatient version of the Epic EHR on October 29, 2011.


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