Computer Operations 

The Computer Operations department coordinates, operates, and monitors a wide and diverse complex of systems and networks which make up the SSMHC technical infrastructure.  This includes local and wide area networks, mid-range computers, including DEC/VAX, HP Unix servers, Novell & NT/Windows file servers and various desktop workstations.  Continuous operations and services are provided from an enterprise-wide Network Operations Center.   

  • Coordinate, operate, and monitor a wide and diverse complex of systems and networks, including all local and wide area networks, mid-range computers, including DEC/VAX and HP Unix servers, Novell & NT/Windows file servers, and various desktop workstations in order to ensure that 24/7/365 integrated health technologies services remain stable and available to SSMHC users.  This role is critical to ensuring operational stability in the SSMHC computing environment.  
  • Utilizing a variety of monitoring tools, OVO, Spectrum and IPMON, Computer Operations proactively monitors and interprets computer and network system messages to ensure erroneous or abnormal operations are responded to in a timely manner and that computer and network infrastructure problems are resolved quickly when hardware, software or power failures occur.  This provides SSMHC with uninterrupted and reliable technical services. 
  • Manage the claims clearinghouse transmission process for approximately 1.6 million claims, totaling 6.3 billion dollars annually. This process is the cornerstone of the accounts receivable process for SSM facilities and ensures that operating revenue is available to support the SSM daily business requirements. 
  • Handle critical situations by providing early diagnosis of issues and initiating proper recovery procedures to prevent system or network outages that have the potential to impact clinical efficiencies and ultimately, patient care.  Determine and obtain appropriate technical staff and assist them in resolving problems in order to minimize downtime and provide a stable operating environment for SSMHC.  
  • Maintain preventative maintenance schedules for the computer room facilities at 7980 Clayton Road and computer rooms that house Data Protection equipment at St Mary’s Health Center, DePaul Health Center, and Cardinal Glennon. 
  • Monitor batch processing, which includes Star nightly processing, data and system backups, and off-site rotation and storage of all applications.
  • Manage problem escalation process to keep management informed of critical failures and service interruptions which have the potential to impact service.  
  • Monitors UPS room environment for proper functioning of air conditioning and UPS equipment at all regional lights-out facilities.  Monitor transitions to generator in the event of power outages.


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