Clinical Engineering Services (CES) 

Clinical Engineering Services (CES) is a system-wide clinical equipment maintenance and technology assessment service operated as a department of SSM Integrated Health Technologies (IHT).

SAOK DaveToday's modern medicine relies heavily upon "State of the Art" technology, which must be properly maintained to ensure reliable and safe operation when called upon. CES' inhouse staff of 120 clinical engineers provides an efficient and cost effective alternative to expensive outsourcing. It is estimated that CES saves SSMHC approximately $11 million annually in clinical equipment maintenance expenses compared with outsourcing.

CES also provides a leading role in the evaluation and negotiations for new clinical devices to ensure SSMHC purchases the best devices at the lowest cost. Today, CES manages the clinical engineering programs in 15 wholly owned SSMHC hospitals, as well as over a dozen non-SSM or partially owned facilities (outreach). We are responsible for the maintenance and management of approximately 65,000 clinical devices.

CES has two principle goals supporting our SSMHC mission, "Through Our Exceptional Health Care Services, We Reveal the Healing Presence of God:"

1. Provide the highest standard of maintenance, equipment management, and technology assessment.

2. Reduce and control clinical equipment service costs.


CES' staff is made up mostly of biomedical technicians (BMETS), Who work on a wide variety of clinical devices, and diagnostic imaging engineers, who specialize in diagnostic imaging equipment. Their responsibilities are to schedule and perform corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance and safety inspections following manufacturer guidelines as appropriate and to maintain documentation, including an inventory and historical maintenance records on all hospital managed clinical equipment. Responsibilities also include modification, installation, staff in-service training, and other assigned activities such as monitoring outside contractor serv ices, new equipment evaluation, and technical consultation with other departments




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