Finance / Planning & System Quality 

Finance, Planning and System Quality encompasses the administrative functions of Integrated Health Technology.  These functions include customer support services as well as the support of Financial and Administrative Applications.

Finance, Planning and System Quality responsibilities include:

  • Strategic, Financial and Human Resources Planning Process for IHT, which then cascades down to the operating plan and budgets.
  • Financial analysis, including monitoring of progress on achieving success regarding the financial goals of the organization. 
  • The CQIplus program, the Missouri Quality Award Process, and other quality initiatives.

Customer support services include:

  • A 24x7 Customer Response Center that provides first line support in resolving customer issues and addressing customer needs
  • Application Development services providing customers with products and customizations to enhance their ability to provide exceptional healthcare services
  • Security services that ensure critical information and systems are secure, and also that we remain in compliance with software licensing requirements
  • Project Management to assist in the implementation process of new or upgraded technology and applications, and includes overall management of major IT/CES initiatives.

Financial and Administrative Application Support’s primary responsibility is to ensure that applications that provide access to the information needed to manage the organization are in place and achieving optimal performance.  This includes managing upgrades, resolving issues and providing consulting services to customers regarding the use of these applications.  Key areas of Financial and Administrative Applications, with several subsets under each area, include:

  • Finance
  • Material Management
  • HR/Payroll
  • Education
  • Decision Support


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